Italy - Florence

Niccolo`Rufo, better known as Rufus, is to date one of the most forward-thinking and innovative djs to emerge from the Italian electronic music scene. His restless research into both old school and the freshest forms of dance music have inspired many Italian artists gravitating around the Bosconi Records circuit and the Florence scene. His dj sets focus on open-minded positive music, funky vibes, downbeat, garage-house deep and jackin house (and why not, a right dose of good detroit techno). After moving to Berlin, beside keeping on collaborating as A&R advisor for Bosconi Records, he has widened his studio-work perspectives, as part of Tru West for Marmo Music (along with Mass Prod and Herve Corti) and as Nightdrivers with fellow Mass Prod in the field of big room house and techno. As consequence, a bunch of international high profile dj appearances arrived, like Watergate, Propaganda Moscow, Circoloco at Detroit`s DEMF and Melt London.

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