I’m Mario Venditti aka A Beat Disciple, thirty years old guy based in Naples eastern suburbs, exactly in Ponticelli.
I discovered the world of electronic music very early, circa when I was ten/eleven years old, starting to buy Hit Mania Dance compilations.
For many it could sound strange and not linked to “subterranean” world of this genre. 
But, from my point of view, that period familiarized me with a different kind of sounds and melodies, I’ve never heard before – consider I came from an italian pop-music background, following my father’s tastes.

So, to me was a real and powerful shock.

Then I stumbled on a Dj Gregory/M.A.W. compilation…
I stood wordless!!!

Was falled in love with that sound; it actually craved a deep crave into my head and never leaved that place, not even now!
The rest is a continuous attempt to research and perfect an own personal style and sound.
I’ve to admit that my restless soul yet hasn’t found that calm, and it’s still thirsty of curiosity, never tired for exploring new music and genres.
So let’s meet near the melted core of the Earth, because it’s just there that I’ll stop digging!

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