Born in Gifu, grew up in Osaka!! His music starts with boom box and guitar at adolescent age.

As band music booms in 80’s, he played in several bands ( JUNKYARD, RUMBLE FISH,etc) as he livened up with mandolin ,base and slide guitar. As he gets the essence of psychedelics, hard rock, falk,pops,southern country and black music, his musical soul shines a unique light. At Osaka Art University,he learned wanderlust. He made trip to India and SouthEast Asian countries.

The psychedelic culture around these places lead him to more electric way. As he records with MPC sampler, those sounds become the foundation of ALTZ music. And time to move comes. The party ” FLOWER OF LIFE” which connects Osaka to the Universe began at Misono building with betaland and so on in 2002. He released his 1st album “FANTASTICO” from rare breeze label which is handled by WOODMAN,the man of wonderful power. As he plays DJ at big gigs to small underground secret party, he began to release full albums.

“La La La” (2005.LASTRUM), “Yell” (2006.BEAR FUNK), “V4” (2007.LASTRUM) has released so far, and each of them are unique original groove with funny and funky taste and mysterious tune. And he’s working with a special talented sound engineer KABAMIX. Overseas, his music jumps out of Japan and connected to Steve “Fella” Kotey , Idjut Boys, Strangefruits, Brennan Green and so many. Tours in London, N.Y and Bhutan, releases 12inch and albums from BEAR FUNK, DFA. Including remixes for domestic and overseas artists, now he releases quite a lot of takes.

With his no-categorised music, he plays in all types of festivals ,parties to local gigs in underground way. Recently, he provides music to DVDs, game tracks and TV ads. And also, he uses many different names to release different feelings.Such as WALTZ and ADALTZ made big impact on the scene.

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