Daniele Sotera aka Anie Tera is a young audio engineer, dj and electronic producer, born, the south of Italy in the beautiful island called Sicily, in the mid 1980’s. Daniele grew up with an education dominated by music, he went on to explore and teach himself how to fuse her classic skills with sounds created by electronic equipment.

Over the years that followed Anie Tera fell deeper into dance music, eager to evolve and create electronically manipulated sounds and atmospheres. Differents sounds are mixed all togheter to express his concept of party music; he is an intensely creative individual with a bohemian charm that proves infectious to other music lovers. Him natural ability to connect with crowds stems from an output that is always sprinkled with surprises: soaring melodies, lush harmonies and free-spirited beats. Whether he is channelling him cosmic charge through clubs around the Europe. So Tera’s sets is a complex pattern of sounds. Raw and industrial, dark and moody, him signature sits firmly within the minimal style, but with a melodic structure that gives shape and structure. It’s rare that a sound so minimal results in something so engrossing, something that sucks you in and keeps you listening intently on what’s going to happen next. Tera’s sets feel like stories, captivatingly told through him experimentation with sound. Anie has constantly worked across various mediums to satisfy an innate artistic wanderlust. However, once bitten by the DJing bug, he realigned him musical focus and faced the dancefloor, full on, he has since gone on to DJ at a string of top venues in europe. Anie Tera is rhythm, melody and harmony. Now is an Artist under booking of Forevergreen.fm.

Daniele says: Music is life. I buy lots of music, I have no other hobbies, just music, bacause music is the answer!
I’m a clubber and house music lover since 2001, in 2004 I started DJing, which is my greatest passion and in 2007 I was approached to music production. I made tracks for hobby and moreover I’m a great collector of vinyl records and music in general.

Anie Tera productions appear on: Abstract Theory, BSoul Limited, Unfoundsound, Manuscript Records, Costreet Records, Waldliebe Familien, Gos Music Studio Rec, Kes Records, Forevergreen Fm, Forevergreen Ltd

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