Comakid is a solo art-electronic project, born in 2005. Based in London (UK), and totally committed to the continuous research and experimentation of sound and its aesthetic, with no boundaries whatsoever.

The project blends the knowledge of music theory background together with enthusiasm for the technical and production side of the music. The mixture of both sides shaped the backbone of the project, resulting in a very specific aesthetic that characterises its compositions.

Comakid’s insatiable passion for Bass music is cooled down by a natural inclination for glitch and micro sounds, together with a refined taste for warm and soulful chord progressions. All of this is pooled together by his very first love as a drummer: rhythm.

In his live performances he combines his favourite features from all his beloved genres: moody and digital atmospheres meet analogue-warm sequenced drum machine patterns; soul-deep bass frequencies melt with micro glitchy sounds; laptop and machinery are integrated with organic elements such as drums or live guitars.

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