DJ since 1995, Crowdpleaser plays anything from Techno to Disco without any musical barriers. His spinning defines itself by the energy and atmosphere of the moment rather than musical styles.
 He drops remixes, rare, future or old tracks as well as unexpected edits for the pleasure of his audience.
His first record was released in 99 and went straight into the top international charts, the first of a long series.

Crowdpleaser has composed more than 30 maxis and remixes on various labels such as «Mental Groove», «Deeply Rooted House» or «Trapez», and a lot of his tracks can be found on prestigious compilations & mixes. To be underlined are the famous «StudioSchwein», charted N°1 by De_Bug or «Rather Be» and his remix of «UND», charted among the 10 best maxis of 2006 by Wire magazine. «2006» was the year and the title of his album with St.Plomb; it was acclaimed by music press world wide for its originality and boldness.

Through his productions, Crowdpleaser worked with talented artists such as Thomas Brinkmann, Kalabrese or Kate Wax. He performed in many clubs and events such as Sonar Festival (Tokyo), Fabric (London), Panorama Bar (Berlin), Sunvibes (Siberia), c/o Pop (Köln), Rohstofflager (Zürich), Paleo Festival (Nyon), Razzmatazz (Barcelona), Harry Klein, (München), Doris (Firenze), Brancaleone (Roma), Batofar (Paris), Grodan (Stockholm), B018 (Beirut), Optimo (Glasgow), Bordello (Torino), Vision (Bern) etc. without forgetting Zürich’s Dachkantine where he often played solo and as a part of the rare performances of « Narod Niki » gathering for a live electronic jam, Cabanne, Ricardo Villalobos, Dandy Jack, Thomas Brinkmann and Crowdpleaser.

DJ but also playing Live, solo or teamed up with St.Plomb, his live performances are more direct and frontal, more scenic and shamanic.
Between the dancefloor and the studio, Crowdpleaser develops music for the crowds. His remix for Quarion, recently released on Drumpoet, has been under the spotlight and taken on the latest compilation of the famous Fabric club in London. His new tracks, prepared with care, are about to be come on various labels among these, a maxi on Matthew Johnson’s label, Wagon Repair.

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