David Campanini was born in La Spezia, Italy.
He’s been working as producer at SonicLabStudio, a production center located in Florence, where he creates “pumpin” and solid analog  masterings for label such as Bosconi records and Miniscketch. David, together with Alberto Tucci (Elastica) and Tommaso Bianchi, has been one of the members of the electro-house project K’un Experience released between 2005 and 2007  by Cavernjatt/Declub, label managed by Blade from Jestofunk.

In 2006 he started moving into more experimental sound researches first teaming with  Fabio della Torre from Minimono and producing the Magenta ep released by Tenax Recordings, then, in partnership with the producer Alexi Dendias, giving life to the electronic music project Sonotheque, within he has had the opportunity to play in several clubs and festivals, all around Italy and Europe, releasing music for Tenax Recordings and for other labels  like Safari Electronique .
Other important step for his artistic formation is the launch, still in 2006, of  Sunplay Records, an electronic dance music label based in Florence, for which he’s working as editor and producer.

From 2004 until 2006  he has been the art director of  Bzf in Florence, organizing events and live performances as the night called Waves_audio visual live, and, since 2004, he also works for the well known Italian fashion agency named Pitti Immagine for which he’s assuming the role of  sound designer for various exhibition spaces and fairs in Florence and Milan.
In 2008 he starts to collaborate with  Rufus for the production of   “Like a virgin” ep and  for the track “Luv Luv Luv”, released on Bosconi Records. From these experiences, friendships and partenerships he has developed his own style that blends the contemporary electronic styles with nods to earlier influences-from acid house to jazz and funk, from tech house to disco and beyond.

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