If you well-know the Bologna’s underground scene you’ve certainly meet Dj Rou. You can find him at L’Archivio, record store that he owns which has became a meeting place for the vinyl lovers in Bologna.

Tremendous sprint of energy and colours, DJ Rou represent an eclectic face of music love. Spinning plays of his father guitar since his early childhood, Francesco, in 2011 more by chance than by choice, he suddenly improves in his garage a sale of Records for friends and colleagues. Starting from a garage landing to a proper space, this will become his current record store in 2014, pointed now as Bologna’s music landmark, named L’Archivio. In the same year the birth of Homequest, a collective of Djs, Mcs, producers and collectors focused to safeguard the healthy passion for music and clubbing.
Alongside crews and solo steady projects, DJ Rou is half head of Red Rooster Records, label owned by his fellow artist friend D’Arabia, releasing nowadays their fourth release always with Various Artists sampling-funker bomb formula.
During this ended year 2017, DJ Rou path has grown widely, demonstrating a pure talent either behind decks, with a strict and meticulous vinyl selection, and as well with an active productions activity.
Upcoming indeed are ‘The Rou-tine’ EP as third release of Daphian Prod. (including a beautiful Minimono’s remix) and additionally an eclectic live-played and recorded EP with Lite Orchestra, released by Sofatalk’s Cognitiva Records.
But DJ Rou’s got some more to show soon.. Just stay eyes wide open!

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