It’s a matter of personality. No shortage of it, if we’re about the Florence born and bred Marco D’Aquino aka Dukwa. And it’s like that since the very beginning, when his brother introduced him to labyrinths and paths of electronic music. Something that Marco embraced with a fierce enthusiasm and creativity. Bare in mind, he did it with a marvellous no-borders attitude and still does: techno and house may be the starting points, sure, but they have to collide with aerial ambient suspensions, destructured experimentalism, visionary electro new millennium restorations. Open minded, playful, intense. Going for the easiest way and/or relying to the flavour-of-the-month is, well, simply forbidden.

It pays. As after a series of intriguing releases starting from 2010 (most of them on the brilliant Bosconi label, watch out for its output), on September 2016 Numbers – Jackmaster and friends, you know – is calling for an EP release: that means that you’re joining the Premier League of clubbing. Something that Marco was experiencing already, in fact, as the Life’s Track project established with his close and like-minded friend Herva has already reached spots like Panorama Bar in Berin, the Sonar Off carousel in Barcelona, record labels such as M.O.S. and Opal Tapes. Not to forget his collaboration with Kevin Freelance under the PHREEQ moniker. This how it goes, with Marco: relentless, constantly daring, rising stakes higher and higher. If your talent is real and pure, it has to be like this.

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