Across a glittering 18 year production career,under an array of aliases, Madrid-based über producer,the music chameleon Eduardo de la Calle has worked with many of the most important labels of modern times such a Planet-E  communications , International Deejay Gigolo ,TURBO, Hivern Discs, Mule Musique,  Semantica , NONPLUS , Mental Groove, NON SERIES, ORBE – as well as fathering his own vinyl-only imprint Analog Solutions. It’s hard to put a fine point on Eduardo’s sound. Equally capable of composing lush, languid soundscapes, exotic tech-house, sci fi Jazz and why not ,brutal big room assaults, De la Calle is a truly multi-faceted and artist.
Director of the well-known electronic music documentary BEATZ alongside Iban Ugalde and Pedro Pantaleon.

Eduardo De La Calle has been producing and releasing techno music around Spain and Europe for more than 16 years. A real veteran in the techno music scene, he has lived and worked in numerous cities developing his own projects throughout the years: lots of hours behind decks and in production studios. Eduardo has an enormous potential, his love and passion for music, his 
production and his DJ sets, deep and full of intensity have earned him a lot of respect

After releasing numerous tracks on different labels such as “Goodbye World” or “I love Gente”, Eduardo decided to focus on his own projects/labels 12”(inch), “Analog Solutions Records”, “Suprawax” and “Edits Rec”..

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