Ennio Colaci began his artistic career in 1995, when he published a record with IRA records, as a drummer in a rock band, in wich he played for the first half of the ’90.
He has been devoting to various productions for different artistic activities since 1997, and in 2003 he published his first record with Urban Mantra.

Next year, together with the dj Fabio Della Torre, under the  “Minimono” moniker, they began producing for labels like the Parisian  “Telegraph”, and then Tuningpork , Tenax , Ethique, L. L. F. Oslo and Bosconi records.

Now Minimono has many records out also on labels like legendary Vibraphone, Robsoul, Inner balance and Elephant Moon, as well as Ennio’s solo release on Dreiklang.

His knowledge about music covers a wide genres from techno to rock & funky and his sound fully repesents all of them!
His live set is positive and groovy, colourful and bouncy.

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