Fabio Della Torre, also known as Corcos, stands as a respected figure in Italy’s dynamic electronic music landscape. Hailing from the enchanting city of Florence, Fabio’s journey in the world of music has been marked by his tireless devotion to the craft and his unwavering efforts to support the vibrant tapestry of electronic sounds.

A figure of influence in every sense, Fabio’s contributions to Italy’s electronic music scene have been transformative. His passion for electronic sounds knows no bounds, and his steadfast dedication to his label, Bosconi, has solidified him as a prominent figure, both nationally and internationally.

At the core of Fabio’s path lies his role as a dedicated curator of electronic music. With an exceptional knack for unearthing hidden gems and crafting transcendent DJ sets, he has time and again proven himself as a master of the craft. Fabio’s DJing prowess goes beyond mere technical skill; it is an art form through which he weaves intricate sonic journeys, seamlessly navigating the diverse realms of electronic sound. Each performance is a testament to his boundless passion and an embodiment of his unpredictable and innovative style.

In 1995, Fabio Della Torre embarked on his DJ odyssey at Florence’s iconic Tenax club, a fateful beginning that would set the stage for his storied career. Since then, his magnetic presence has graced the hallowed stages of renowned venues worldwide, from Berlin’s Panorama Bar to the legendary Concrete Paris, Tresor, DC10, Rex Club, and Flash DC. His unique ability to connect with audiences and transcend genre boundaries has garnered him a dedicated global following.

In the 2000s, Fabio found himself in the heart of the electronic music mecca, Berlin. It was here that he immersed himself in the rich tapestry of electronic sounds that would shape his musical identity. This transformative experience in the German capital left an indelible mark on his artistry, influencing his unique approach to electronic music.

A significant chapter in Fabio’s journey unfolded when he founded Bosconi Records in 2008. This visionary label has become a pillar of Italy’s electronic music scene. Through Bosconi, Fabio has not only provided a platform for established luminaries like A Guy Called Gerald, Paul Johnson, Alexander Robotnick, Marco Passarani, and many more but has also nurtured emerging Italian talents, shaping the future of electronic sound. In recognition of its outstanding contributions, Bosconi received the esteemed title of Resident Advisor’s ‘Label of the Month’ in 2013, a testament to Fabio’s tireless efforts to promote artistic excellence.

Fabio’s contributions extend beyond DJing; he is also a prolific producer. In 2004, he embarked on a creative journey with his close friend Ennio Colaci, giving birth to the project Minimono. Together, they ventured into the world of production, contributing to the early days of Bosconi Records. Fabio also produces under various aliases, including Quitefrut, Bss, and Corcos, which is his real name. His versatile production skills have allowed him to explore a wide range of electronic sounds and styles, earning him a place on labels like Concrete Paris, Terrafirm, Vibraphone, Robsoul, Inner Balance, Telegraph, Elephant Moon, Tuning Spork, Tenax, and Oslo.

Additionally, Fabio has quietly been reworking and mixing many releases from younger, upcoming artists who have released on Bosconi, staying under the radar while offering invaluable support to the next generation of talent.

Fabio has recently secured a prestigious residency at Club 21 in Florence, where he regularly hosts parties under the Bosconi label name, bringing together established artists from the label and young, promising talents from the scene. These events serve as a testament to his commitment to nurturing the electronic music community and creating memorable experiences for all who share in the love of electronic sound.

In 2022, Fabio added another significant chapter to his remarkable story by founding “Logout Records” shop together with his friend Michele Alunni, nestled in the heart of Florence’s city center. This burgeoning venture has swiftly evolved into a melting pot and a vibrant center of aggregation for DJs and the local scene. Logout Records serves as a platform for spreading the voice of Italian local productions and sounds, fostering a sense of community and celebrating the rich tapestry of homegrown talent.

However, what truly sets Fabio apart is his unwavering commitment to his craft and his ceaseless support for the electronic music community. He is not just a DJ, producer, and curator; he is a guardian of the electronic music ethos, always putting the art form’s interests first. His relentless pursuit of musical innovation has solidified his position as a guiding light in the industry. Fabio Della Torre is not merely a leading figure of electronic music in Italy; he is the embodiment of its enduring spirit, an architect of its future, and a champion of its timeless essence.

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BSS aka Bosconi Soundsystem