Italian electronic musician and DJ
Defined as linchpin of the underground scene by Gerd Janson himself; he recently released lovely balearic trancey waves on International Feel and on Prins Thomas’ Internasjonal as well as transversal EP’s on New Interplanetary Melodies and Hell Yeah.
Structured and polished releases essential to the definition of Feel Fly’s sound. A journey between worlds and eras that are only apparently opposed: evocative, emotional and ethereal atmospheres merged with more House, Disco and Cosmic sounds.
Co-founder of the mysterious Afro Templum party, he also composed the original soundtrack awarded at the prestigious CineMed festival in Montpellier for the film I Santi (2021) by director Giacomo Abbruzzese.
His acts are typified by a consistently romantic and sensual streak, combined with the energy and power of the rhythm. Insatiable digger, his curiosity leads him to investigate every possible realm of sound and contamination to bring back to the dance floors and in its productions.

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