Ilario Alicante is considered as one of the major new talents of electronic club music. He was born in 1988 in Livorno, Italy. Already as a child he has developed an incredible passion for music. After some time Ilario became familiar with the club world and gained first experiences with mixing and DJing.

His early club residencies in Italy – in legendary “Cameretta” and “Pachamama Club” – helped Ilario to improve his musical skills and unique mixing technique. Here, Ilario’s career as a DJ started and in a short period of time he became a famous newcomer DJ in Italy. His DJ-sets reached new levels of clubbing experiences. With his early gigs at Circoloco and Tenax Ilario’s reputation started to rise outside of Italy. Today he performs in many major clubs in Germany, UK, Spain and Netherlands. But also in South America he is famous for his unique combination of house music and Latin American rhythms.

As a producer he possesses this burning passion as well. At the age of 16 Ilario started to produce music and to develop his very own vision of contemporary electronic dance music by integrating various influences and genres to create his unique sound. Up to now Ilario has released 10 releases – one of the most successful EPs was “Living Near Africa”, released in 2008 on Cecille Records. Many of his records can be found in the record bags of artists like Sven Vaeth, Ricardo Villalobos, Marco Carola, Luciano, Nick Curly, and many more.

Since then Ilario has developed an unparallel artistic perfrormance as DJ and live performer which made him a welcome frequent guest in some of the best clubs around the globe – from Columbia to Portugal and Italy to UK. So watch out for a venue near you – you will experience a very distinctive musical expression – driving and deep at the same moment!

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