Jts1 , born in Veneto the 28th of July 1994. My passion for records was magically born at my grandparents’ house where I found an old record player that I later brought with me at home with my collection of vinyls that I’m still sampling.

The old record player wasn’t enough, I wanted to learn how to do a serious turnable, and this is when i started to time code my first records; it was 2013. At that point the path to follow was clear, I started looking around myself doing research, going to different record stores and parties, listen to different music etc. always with my close friend Naico, who shared with me all these experiences. Then I discovered the MPC and since then my life has being held in there. Even thought I was born in Riviera, I always founded hard to get any kind of support. Everything I’ve learned till now was already part of my knowledge. For several years in fact I attended a music school where I’ve learned how to play the classical guitar and the rhythmic solfège.

This year with my friend Naico we started organising a party called ‘Interest’, in collaboration with the association of the territory of Cittadella/Padova, in particular with CACC (centro arte contemporanea cittadella) and Punk Vanguard an independent magazine born in 2011. Both of the organisations are engaged in spreading in my territory something that comes from the heart and that hasn’t any other purposes but the one of diffusing culture and participation

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