Loudtone is Umberto Saba and David Love Calo, friends who learned the art of DJing in Italian clubs like Cocorico in Rimini and Firenze’s Tenax during the 1990s. While David continued to DJ in chill out zones, Umberto was busy mastering the saxophone at the Italian Jazz Academy and discovering synthesized and computer music. They came together in 2006 as Loudtone to produce two dubby disco singles for Mantra Vibes, which were supported by DJs as diverse as Timo Maas, Shit Robot, Howie B, Glimmers, Dj Chloe and Rune Lindbaek. In 2007 under the alias Plan K they released Thunder on the infamous Kindisch/Get Physical label. Soon after the german adventure a dream became reality , the legendary Liquid Liquid member Dennis Young collaborate on Mnonn Garr , their first release on Pizzico Records. 2010 was the year of the edits : two italo disco versions of cult Italian singers Mina and Marcella Bella were produced through Italo Deviance . A collaboration with Dj Kaos of DFA fame, was on the “Ten Years Of Phonica” compilation (between acts like Trevor Jackson, Juju and Jordash, Legowelt and many more) and on his Jolly Jams remix album (with Dr Dunks and Superpitcher). As a side project,Lukebox  Umberto Saba Dezzi produced a track with Fabrizio Mammarella (Slow Motion) on London .Housing Trust.

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