Vinyl lover and defender, passionate dj, underground music producer, audio engineer, analogue cop.
Domenico Cipriani has been releasing raw minimalist dance music for more than a decade. With his many monikers and groups he has released more than 100 vinyls and toured the most infamous European clubs. His label Restoration (co-founded with Marieu) has played an active role in the vinyl resurgence of the late 2000.
After his graduation at the S.A.E. Institute of Barcelona, he has further developed his research on social semiotic with an M.A. in Linguistics at the University of Padova, focusing on an evolutionary approach to explaining language change.
He has discovered Symbolic Sound Kyma in 2016. Since then he has participated every year to the Kyma International Sound Symposium, deepening the interconnection between Kyma and p5.js, becoming an expert of the Open Sound Control protocol.

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