M.A.R.S. , Matthias Adam Ram Scheid, is a Producer, DJ and LiveAct from Graz, Austria.

M.A.R.S.;s music and productions are characterized by his limiting simplicity of hardware samplers and synthesizers, which he also uses during his live sets and in the studio. The additional live recordings of various authentic instruments, mixed with percussive elements, give his productions a unique and organic touch. Music is for Matthias a way to reproduce his moods and personal feelings. Due to this, the compositions of his productions are a variety of Organic House, Over-reduced Techno, Minimalistic Ambient and Electronica.

M.A.R.S.’s hardware live-acts are well set up. For the listener, it is uncertain in which way the musical journey is taking him or her. His live performances are full of life and create a tension for the listener, who can enjoy a wander between House and Techno music.

When Matthias started his DJ career, almost 20 years ago, he soon got a position to play his songs at the well-known bar called Parkhouse in Graz. During the start of his career, he played every Friday all night long. Through this, he quickly learned how to influence and entertain his audience. M.A.R.S. also knows how to take the audience with him on his musicaljourney by creating a constant tension. As a DJ, he communicates with his crowd by always keeping an eye on the dance floor and finding ways to open up new horizons for his listeners and dancers.

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