Marco Celeri is a tuscan dj, founder and owner of Roots Underground Records Label, born in 2012 as a digital label, with the aim of release house music old school.
In 2015 there was the first step to black wax for “Soul Dept EP”, release produced by italian dj Reekee, with a remix by Atlanta based producer Kai Alcè, previously released in digital format.
After that, starts the official vinyl catalog, with 7 releases in 5 years, which shows a growth in the quality of the label, involving international and talented artists like Ricardo Miranda, Marcello Napoletano, Rico Herrera, Two Thou and the Hobby Horse trio, till to the EP by Lorenzo Morresi, released last April, denoting the increasingly refined taste in the art direction of the label.
As a dj prefers eclectic selection. Chicago House, Detroit House, London Broken Beat, are fundamental in his djset, up to disco and funk and foray in the jazz world.
As We Are Mam releases 4 vinyl EPs. One of them was publishing in 2014 on Soul People Music, a V/A 2×12″ called “Selected: Compiled by Fred P”
From 2015 focuses all his energy as executive producer of Roots Underground Records.

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