Martino Marini`s Mass Prod is a project engaging in different fields  of electronic music, from house and techno to experimental and ambient electronics. Deep, maniacal research on analog production, raw drums, futuristic, ‘out-of-space’ harmonics are all integral parts of his signature sound. To push the dance floor experience a bit further, somewhere else…someplace new, is the goal.

Fast or slow, harsh or mellow, the aim is also to get a hypnotic communion, a tribute to the power of our bodies vibrating at the same speed. Music as an unconscious way to bring back memories from our past and bring to life a new way of understanding present changes.

Since the first live set in 2003 at Link (Bologna), Mass Prod has been performing as live or dj act all around Italy and Europe, hitting North and South America. Circoloco resident Dj in 2010, he has been spinning a number of times at Ibiza`s DC10, Sankeys in Machester, Watergate Berlin, Zukunft in Zürich, and regularly in some of the best italian spots, like Link, Milan`s Magazzini Generali, Goa Club in Rome and Florence`s Tenax, to name a few. He has played alongside some of the greatest artists in the contemporary electronic music scene : Actress, Jeff Mills, Four Tet and Caribou  to mention a few.

Massprod’s music has been released on a number of prestigious labels, like Bosconi Records, Kontra Music, MUS and Werkdiscs. His versatility and eclectic taste has brought him to work along side Alex Picone, as Brothers in Low, as leader of Marmo Music`s sonic adventurers Tru west, and last to date, as Nightdrivers with fella Rufus, whose records have been played on heavy rotation by the likes of Daniel Bell, Jus-Ed and Omar S.

Last but not least, good to mention his own imprint, Wo_land. Recently closing a distribution deal with the Londoner institution Honest Jons, Wo_land is a laboratory for sonic experiments and romantic escapism , gravitating around the Marmeria Studios in his hometown Genova.

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