P&D is a production project and a label from Phil Weeks owner of Robsoul Recordings and Didier Allyne who runs Syncrophone Record Shop and Distribution in Paris.


In 2000, Phil Weeks founded the successful Robsoul recordings label.Since the first release, Robsoul’s reputation has steadily increased within the world of house music. Robsoul releases all present the deeper and hypnotic edge of House Music. Phil pushed the label in new territories, releasing his own hypnotic twisted freaky funk with masterpiece tunes like ‘it put me well’, ‘hypnose’ or ‘music is a vice’ while signing at the same time some of the most outstanding works from David Duriez, the trilogy ‘Down The Ground’, ‘Can You Feel It’ (with a stunning Bobby Peru’s Remix) and the recent ‘Keep House Underground’. Phil opened his door to new artists too with releases from long time partner Lion I, Pc Synergy (with Brique Rouge / F com’s man of the moment Llorca on the remix tip), Fries & Bridges (his duo with Hector Moralez from San Francisco), Swat aka DJ Rasoul and of course Derrick L. Carter for a stuning 10th Robsoul release. Since the beginning of his career, Phil Weeks has developped his own House Music sound with its own identity and a sound signature (his voice with a stoned french accent, yeah I like that !!). ‘It Put Me Well’ (the first of his spoken track) became a classic after a couple of months only, often imitated never duplicated. And the man is busy working on the future. In 2003 he will be releasing his first album on Robsoul/Brique Rouge/Nocturne and he’s working on several new EPs (Fries & Bridges on Nightshift & Robsoul / Digital Tongues on Set with Dan Ghenacia & Ivan Smagghe) & mixed compilations (Stay True / Families). A first single taken from his album is going to be released just before Miami WMC 2003 as a limited one sided promo copy so watch out, Phil Weeks will get you!


Paris-based Didier Allyne took part in the first ‘Electronic Boom’ in the Nineties. His Funk and Jazz influences (Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Billi Cobham, Steve Gad) and his cinema culture (especially the soundtracks with composers such as Ennio Morricone and John Barry) soon boldly mingled with the first electronic echoes. Didier masters both style-crossing and sound arrangements. Among others, he refers to Mad Mike, Ron Trent, Carl Craig, Aphex Twins, Autechre etc. His passion for vinyl materialized in 1995 when he was recruited by a record store in Paris. His resolution to bring in new influences enabled him to turn the store into an invaluable place for music lovers. He then successfully launched his DJ career around many cities in France.H is first set at the Rex club in Paris and gained the recognition of an experienced audience. Several other performances followed at the Rex, Italy, Germany, Canada, UK,USA Austria. He rubbed shoulders with famous DJs such as Gilles Peterson,I:Cube, Mike Grant, Carl Craig,Jedi Knights,Swayzak, The Idjut Boys, Seiji,Orin Walters & more… Radiates a bouncy atmosphere, a colourful world of rhythms.

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