Rei Loci (Craig Ritchie Allan, AKA Numbercult) has been producing uncompromising electronic music for over 20 years. His productions are an intense synergy of driving percussion, addictive bass-hooks and soul-stirring melodies: music for heads and feet.

Founding Iridite records in 2000 with friend/musical partner Jason Brunton (collaborating under the name ‘Methodology’), Iridite was developed around a mutual love of music, giving a platform to artists that might have gone unheard, it was here he became a frequent contributor to Iridite’s diverse musical output, gaining fans from around the world. Rei Loci’s releases subsequently appeared on esteemed labels such as 7th Sign, Headspace and Downlow and became widely acclaimed for their unique perspective on the music that inspired them: capturing the spirit of Detroit techno without trying to replicate it. In 2009 he started working under the name Numbercult and 3 eps followed on the imprint of the same title: deeps slabs of techno attracting the attention of DJs Ben Sims, Kirk Degiorgio and Marcel Dettman to name a few. During this time his reputation simultaneously grew as an Audio/Visual artist, attracting worldwide recognition, which in recent years led to collaborations with talented producers such as Richard Devine and Max Cooper. Today he continues to explore the possibilities of sound and vision mainly through live performance, fusing abstract electronic music with real-time digital animation.

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