Rondenion‘s approach to music began when his older encouraged him to play saxophone.
Soon after a fellow sax player he met purchased a synthesizer, this was the beginning of many days spent together “in the house..”
At the time the synthesizer’s multiple recording system only allowed them to make tracks really rough in quality, but in making those tracks they simply learned the joy of composing sounds.

In order to study basic principles, Rondenion majored in music during high school and college, however the difference of the approach of the educational system made self-education inevitable for him!
While searching for his own style of music he came across Detroit techno in a record store. this experience had a tremendous impact on him, and his music began to shift toward club music.

After collecting a lot of tracks his first work was ever released in 2001 for a mini album released in Japan, one track was licensed in a local compilation and started to be played in clubs.
2002 was the year of Rondenion’s global debut where he released America EP by U.S.B. under the name Hirofumi Goto. This track gained credibility, even played by dj’s like Derrick May.

Still paying much respect to the Chicago/Detroit music that influenced him so greatly, he put much effort in developing his sound toward this direction..
This brought him nowadays to release incredible EPs on Still Music, Aesthetic Audio and finally on Rush Hour where you can totally feel his detroit influence as well as a very smooth and deep melodic approach, making him a well known and estimed producer all over the globe.

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