Niccolo`Daniel Rufo, better known as Rufus, is a forward-thinker, 360° vinyl collector and  impeccable DJ.

After moving to Berlin in 2013 he has widened his production perspectives and approaches, first as part of Tru West for Marmo Music (along with Mass Prod and Herve Corti) and as Nightdrivers together with Mass Prod in the field of big room house and techno. Nightdrivers Nightvisions EP and Nightlights EP, as much as the duo`s debut EP on Bosconi, have left the mark and a distinctive sound signature, a unique blend of house and techno, well known and played by the likes of Daniel Bell, Ricardo Villalobos, Zip, Raresh, Secretsundaze, Barbara Preisinger, Omar S and Cab Drivers, among others.

As in 2015, Rufus returned after 5 years from his first “Like A Virgin EP” with a solo Ep on Bosconi (‘ B lack N’ Blues’ ) , further own productions on Bosconi with another EP in 2016 on Bosconi named “Stranger In Paradise” featuring a remix by Herva, on the lyonnese label Basse Resolution with “Wildflowers EP”, for the Lumbago label including a remix of his own track “Conseguenza” by berliner house dons Cab Drivers and more Nightdrivers jams planned to see the light on Holic Trax and Tenax from February 2017 onwards. Last but not least 2017 sees also, along with his mates Fabio della Torre and Massprod, the birth of the Bosconi Soundsystem production and dj team with their first release“Back To Front”.

Behind the decks, Rufus brings to the floor a musicality and eclecticism that reflect his vast music culture, from funky and jazzy vibes, deep and jackin house, breaks, disco and all those stripped-down grooves and vibes.

influenced by the sounds of London, Chicago and Detroit. His dj portfolio of appearances includes Panorama Bar, Watergate, Club der Visionaire, Chalet, Ohm, Hoppetosse, Propaganda Moscow, Circoloco at Detroit`s DEMF, Melt London, Tresor Berlin, Tenax Florenz, Dude Club Milan to name a few.

His restless research into both old school and the fresher forms of dance music have inspired many Italian artists gravitating around Bosconi Records circuit and the Florence scene.

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