Lux Recordings was formed by Chris Hayne and Scott James in the mid ‘90s, to enable them to produce and release their own material with a distinct identity different from that of their individual projects and previous work together. Scott’s understanding and feel as to what worked in clubs combined well with Chris’ music and programming skills and during 1995/6 they released 4 EPs, written and produced in Chris’ basement studio in South London, and distributed by Kudos. With their minimal arrangements, containing elements of dub, progressive house and techno, and using electronic and sampled beats the tracks were well received by music press and DJs with positive reviews and play listings at clubs up and down the country. Minimal pressings were made of each EP and of late these have become much in demand through Discogs by DJs and collectors both in UK and abroad. In response to interest in these rare recordings two of the Lux Recordings EPs have now been re-issued by Mint Condition.

Chris Hayne
Chris is a producer, based in the UK, specialising in electronic music. In the mid 90’s he worked with a number of artists on the Magick Eye record label including Astralasia (under the Nozmo), with releases on various albums and compilations including Megadog, the Big Chill, Galaxy Tribe, and remix work with Hawkwind, Porcupine Tree and other artists. Through Magick Eye Records he worked with Scott James on a number of SYT releases including Echo System EP (1994), In the Heart of a Blazing Sun EP(1995), Deep Drift EP (1995) and Images EP (1996), as well as the SYT album ‘Cubic Space’ (1995), before forming Lux Recordings with Scott in 1995. Following this he worked with a number of artists including All Saints (London Records, and Maya Von Doll (Soho Dolls) amongst others. Over the last 10 years he has written a number of tracks as a solo artist using drum machines and synthesisers, that explore some of his earliest influences including the music of Kraftwerk, Vangelis and Jean-Michel Jarre. These have now been collated into four albums, three of which have now been released (I Source, II Cardinal, III Orphic) under the name Christopher Hayne, with one more (IV Migrate) planned in 2021.

Scott James
Scott is best known as resident DJ at the infamous Sunday carry on, ‘Shave Yer Tongue’ @ Simpsons in Bracknell.
If you had the stamina after a weekend clubbing you would likely find your way out to Full Circle in the day on Sunday, then onto a night like, SYT… Scott’s DJ’ing credits also include appearances at legendary Sunday sessions Queens in Colnbrook, Full Circle, Passion at Valbonnes, Boys Own, Sabresonic, Drum Club, Club UK, Ministry and many other UK nights.Scott was also part of the DJ rosta for the Ibiza 90 tour, captured on the channel 4 doc, ‘a short film about chilling’.
Scott was regularly joined on the decks @ SYT by the innovative Guvnor of the Berkshire Scene Andrew Weatherall with scene setters such as Kevin Hurry (D.O.P.), Justin Robertson, Clive Henry, Rocky & Diesel, Alfredo, Fabi Paras, Craig Walsh on the decks. Scott produced released tunes on Weatheralls ‘Sabres’ label, ‘Vivatonal’, ‘Magic Eye’, SYT’s own label, Leftfields Hard Hands and ‘Lux Recordings’ with Chris Hayne.

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