23 – 12 – 2023

Fellas A Family Affair

Alexander Robotnick

Fabio della Torre



Club 21 Florence


Get ready for an electrifying Epiphany at Club 21 as Bosconi takes over for a special extended edition! The guest of the night is Alexander Robotnick, who recently contributed a stellar track to the 15 Years Bosconi Stallions Compilation. Maurizio Dami, aka Alexander Robotnick, is back for an extraordinary night with his Italo disco and retro electro beats!

Kids, founders of Dedalo, will open the main floor, igniting it with their special electro-vibrating sound. SNDCRFT, Wax for Breakfast resident & collaborator , transforms the Macelleria Room with creative beats, offering a unique sonic journey. This Epiphany, time expands for an immersive experience beyond the norm.

Founder Fabio della Torre will surprise us with a vinyl selection in Macelleria after normal closing. Get ready for rare gems and the possibility of an unmissable final B2B in our intimate small room. Don’t miss the extended night of beats, surprises, and unmatched energy at Bosconi Extended Edition!

The night is not only a union of creative realities like Bosconi, Dedalo, and Wax for Breakfast but also brings an idea of sound, a stronger identity today more than ever. See you on the dance floor for an unforgettable Bosconi Extended Edition! 🚀


FB EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/1490050768442552/

RA EVENT: https://ra.co/events/1834549