Rounding up the finest of our rare breeds for a show-stopping steeplechase, Bosconi is proud to invite the world into our stables to demonstrate the sound we have been rearing for the past five years.
Leaping from the stocks in a flurry of high-pedigree house and techno, our Stallions bring forth the values we hold dear in electronic music, from young foals such as Herva and Nicholas to seasoned steeds like A Guy Called Gerald and Nick Anthony Simoncino.
It starts from here, the artistic journey of Bosconi’s stallions.
Fabio della Torre, Rufus, Mass Prod and Alex Picone united under the nickname of Bosconi Soundsystem and show us the muscles in a great mix tape that combines the present music in the compilation. Together they pursue the idea of a DJ-set free from schemes and constraints of genre, mixing several types of beats and melodies wrapped in a wonderful hour to listen to all of a breath.

℗ & ©  Bosconi records 2013

Cat. Number: BoscoCD001
Release Date: 15-07-2013
Genre: House - Techno - Disco


1. San Proper & The Clover – Voices
2. A Guy Called Gerald – Thu The Diehold
3. Eduardo De La Calle – Virata Rupa
4. Altered Natives – The Legend of Neglect
5. I.F.M. – Dirty Vibes
6. Life’s Track – Dark Clouds
7. Nicholas – From Somewhere Else
8. Nightdrivers – Quanto Tempo Ci Rimane (Fabio’s Consolation
9. Alex Picone – Dry Scream
10. The Oliverwho Factory – Mind Free
11. Nick Anthony Simoncino – Tramonto Techno
12. Brothers In Low – Testacorta
13. Rondenion – Sunrize
14. Riccio – Put The Man Out