Bosconi Records Presents Datafreq’s Electrifying EP: “Circuit Garden”

Toronto’s electronic music scene luminary, Dave Rout, known as Datafreq, is set to unveil his EP titled “Circuit Garden” on Bosconi Records.
With a musical journey as Datafreq spanning 2 decades, and a continuous presence since the mid-80s,
he has become a cornerstone in the electronic music scene in Toronto.

“Circuit Garden” is a six-track collection that pays homage to Datafreq’s distinctive blend of video game music and electro sounds. A true sonic pioneer, he brings forth his unique musicality that has resonated since he started the project in 2004.

This EP features select tracks from his debut album, “Fun for the Whole Family,” originally released in 2006 on the esteemed Berlin label Das Drehmoment.
Notably, these tracks, (never before available on vinyl with the exception of “Just Like 1981”),
have been reimagined with slight remixing, editing, and remastering to seamlessly align with the vinyl format.

Two brand-new tracks make their debut on this release, adding an extra layer of exclusivity and elevating the EP to a truly special status.

The unmistakable “Datafreq” sound is prevalent throughout the EP, characterized by eclectic electro techno and vocodered tunes.

Infused with a melodic approach, the tracks remain dancefloor-friendly, showcasing Datafreq’s exceptional talent for crafting engaging melodies.

The EP is adorned with cosmic arpeggios and space synthesizers, reflecting his prowess in creating immersive sonic landscapes.

“Circuit Garden” not only celebrates Datafreq’s enduring legacy but also signifies a new chapter in his sonic exploration, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in Bosconi Records’ consistently precise and insightful musical universe.

Dave Rout :
Synthesizers, Drum Machines, Vocoder.
Pro-One, SH-101, Source, MS-20, Minilogue,
TR-606, TR-808, KR-55, Warp Electrix,
Custom built percussion machine.

All songs recorded at The Bombshelter
Toronto, Canada.
A1 – A3 B1 [2005] / B2 + B3 [2019]

℗ & © Bosconi Records 2024

Mastered by Niccolò Caldini at Tearoom Studios
Artwork by Chiara Sinatti

Worldwide distribution Bordello A Parigi

Cat. Number: Bosco052
Format: 12" Vinyl - Black
Release Date: 27-05-2024
Genre: Electro - Ebm - Italo Disco


A1. Just like 1981 [Kreuzberg Mix] (5’51”)
A2. Deadman Control [Extension] (3’52”)
A3. Claudia Brucken’s Lips [Original] (4’17”)
B1. Scene Machine [Machine Scene Mix] (4’06”)
B2. Behind the Glass [Shattered Mix] (4’07”)
B3. Come Undone [Redesigned Mix] (3’16”)



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