Hi to all!
I thought that these days could be a moment to share with you what has been a piece of my musical history from when I went to Berlin for the first time in ’99 till the end of my Erasmus period that was summer in 2001.
Back in Italy with a nice trunk of records purchased in Berlin stores, I started the “Berlin Electro” party at the legendary ExMud and H2o2 clubs in Florence in winter 2001.
In the evenings I proposed those sounds that I had listened in those years and that I continued to follow in the following years.
Those who were joining the parties know that at that I was doing mixed CDs, obviously with covers and strictly in separate tracks, which I gave and sold at a manufacturing price of about 2-3 symbolic euros 🙂
Well these days I have reimported them, reattached the tracks and slowly I will make them available for you, for the most nostalgic, for the friends who shared this ecperience with me and for those who are just curious to hear that sound ..
I thought about calling them “BERLIN POP DIARIES” for a journey that would virtually and musically bring you back to those places were electro and 80s Berlin sounds were starting to melt with the beginning of the minimal period, which deeply inspired me.
From the legendary COOKIES in the Backfabrick in Prenzlauerberg where I heard Ellen Allien for the first time, to the STERN-RADIO in Alexanderplatz where Steve Bug was often playing.
From the super underground DELI Club am Shillngsbrucke or the first MARIA am Ostbahnof, passing by the aggressive SO36 where I often heard the evenings of labels such as Sender and Area records with the legendary Teichmann brothers or Jake fairley, up to the historic WMF where for the first time I heard playing a young Villalobos and the Perlon – Playhouse sound.
Each of these mixes is inspired by a certain type of sound of the realities that I was discovering, and evolves in a direction that leads to the first minimal sound of the years 2002-2003.
Obviously legendary clubs like Tresor was already there in its old Leipziger strasse location and Berghain-Panorama Bar was only named OSTGUT and it was at OstBahnof and when Sven (who was there too) was bouncing us we had to go to the CASINO Club, that was just in front.
Anecdotes aside, I hope these mixes can keep you company and really throw you into the post-wall and super-energetic Berlin dimension of the new millennium.