Fabio Della Torre podcast on SOS Save Our Sound 

Fabio Della Torre, also known as Corcos, is a revered figure in Italy’s electronic music scene.

Hailing from Florence, he’s known for his exceptional DJ skills and unwavering passion for electronic music.

At the core of Fabio’s career is his role as a dedicated curator of electronic music.

His DJ sets are masterful, weaving intricate sonic journeys and pushing the boundaries of electronic sound.

In 2008, Fabio founded Bosconi Records, a visionary label that has become a pillar of Italy’s electronic music scene.

Through Bosconi, he has nurtured emerging Italian talents while providing a platform for established luminaries.

His versatile production skills have earned him a place on labels like Concrete Paris, Vibraphone, and more.

Fabio’s commitment to his craft and the electronic music community is unwavering.

He is a guardian of the electronic music ethos, always putting the art form’s interests first.
In 2022, Fabio added another significant chapter to his story by founding Logout Records shop in Florence.

It has become a vibrant center for local DJs and a platform for Italian local productions.

Fabio Della Torre is not just a DJ and producer; he is a guiding light in the industry, shaping its future and championing its timeless essence.