23 – 12 – 2023

Fellas A Family Affair

San Proper

Fabio della Torre



Combo Social Club


🎄 Bosconi Records & Progeas Family Present: Christmas Warm-Up at Combo Social Club 🎄

Direct from the vibrant Amsterdam electronic dance scene, Fellas A Family Affair a collaboration with Progeas Family and Bosconi Records, proudly present the legendary San Proper for a heartwarming event, setting the stage for our festive Christmas celebration at Combo Social Club.

Known for his groundbreaking releases on Rush Hour and Perlon, and locally revered on the esteemed Bosconi Records, San Proper transcends the role of a mere DJ – he’s an immersive experience. His eclectic sets effortlessly blend electronic house beats, funk, and soul, creating an unparalleled atmosphere. Brace yourself for an epic journey with the iconic Dr. San Proper, who may even grace us with a microphone for an unforgettable performance.

Tommaso, also known as Tommaso Conforti, will set the evening ablaze with his infectious disco beats and positive vibes. Originally from Florence but now making waves in Chicago, Tommaso is a local talent with international flair, guaranteeing a dynamic and groovy set that will kindle the festive spirit.

As the night progresses, anticipate the ultimate finale. Fabio Della Torre from Bosconi Records will take the stage, ensuring a spellbinding conclusion to our event. Prepare for a fun and vibrant evening at Combo Social Club that will resonate with the joy of the holiday season


FB EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/1041957440182912

RA EVENT: https://ra.co/events/1820369