Experimenting, looking ahead searching for new sources and interactions in the electronic music phenomena has been the vault key which allowed to Francesco Sperotto (aka Kay Sand) and Alex Picone to found their way with their Chronic Flakes duo project.

Indeed, in the last year, with releases on labels such as Mixworks Detroit, Tenax Recs and Bosconi the guys dragged the attention of the whole underground house and techno Gotha.

The encounter of the guys is dated 2006. Back then, Alex and Kay where busy, together with other 3 fellows, in establishing the pop-house band Grammophono. But in a short lap of time they realized that they had to split up by the rest of the krew if they wanted to make concrete their own expectations. That’s how the first seed was put under the ground, that’s the move which allowed to the project to flourish fastly.

“Our main goal was and still is to release long lasting music – says Kay – These days it’s not such a big thing to make a track. This is the point, that we don’t see music as throwaway stuff. It’s hard to make timeless tracks but that must be the point from which start to build our own expectations.”

Thanks to this approach their productions fastly found their place into heavy weights djs bags such as Carl Craig, Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Loco Dice, Raresh, 2000 and One and Reboot to name a few.

Alex agrees with his duo fella view and adds: “To achieve such a thing, one of the main problems we had to face at the beginning was: what the mass is looking for? Where most of the producers are goin these days? Well: after we realized what these things were, we fastly understood we had to take the opposite way”. “And this attitude – continues Kay – has strong reflections also on the live performances we do. Our show it’s not just about Ableton or stuffs like that. It involves vintage drums machine and a microphone too. And let me add, it’s something which means sweat blood. It’s not the same thing of a back 2 back set behind the decks, which we do too, it’s only that, as long as we can, we’ll tend to keep it more musical as we can.”

Actually, their gigs at Monza Ibiza, Tenax Florence, Watergate Berlin and Altavoz Venice and Bologna, can’t be nothing else than a fair witness of their performances skills.

Further Chronic Flakes productions are expetced to see light in the next months on the Italian label Bosconi as well as solo works by both Alex and Kay. Indeed, Alex is working on new stuffs for his Hq label Cadenza while Kay will be the debut artist of Ilario’s Alicant brand new label Deep Moves.

It’s useless to say that these works will be rocking again the floors in the next months, keeping alive the Chronic Flakes underground vibe for long time.

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