Born and raised between Paris and south France, Mattako discovered electronic music in 1992.
After djing around for a few years, experimenting and learning music in all different ways, he took next logical step by beginning to produce his own music in 2004.
Mattako trusted and focused his attention on analogic sounds with new digital technologies.

By expressing a tireless work ethic in the studio and his live performances, Mattako was soon noticed for his efforts by Logistic and Telegraph.

Afterwords he started to play at the famous undergound party “Batocool” at Batofar in Paris.

Drawing from logistic Records who give him the opportunity to play with the best artists, djs like Dandy Jack, Mathew Dear, Zip, Bruno Pronsato, Fumiya Tanaka, Richie hawtin, Robert Hood and many more in all the best club in Paris and Berlin .
After living in berlin for 2 years he coproduced the Ohlala night at the Arena club and also recently started the Quitéfrut project with his friend Fabio della Torre.
In a way EP on telegraph and At Some Point EP on Bosconi.

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