The Stallions compilations have become a benchmark of Bosconi’s position as one of the leading house and techno labels operating out of Italy. This third instalment marks a shift in sound which also comes full circle to the music that first inspired founder Fabio Della Torre as a DJ and producer around the turn of the millennium, when punchy electro production was driving European house and techno into new zones.

All the artists featured on Vol. III are Italian, holding true to Bosconi’s commitment to supporting local talent from Florence and across the country. Amongst the familiar faces is Della Torre’s own Minimono collaboration with Ennio Colaci, which indulges a proudly manic palette of tweaked bleeps and dirty low-end. Elsewhere, recent additions to the Bosconi fold include veritable legends Alexander Robotnick and Marco Passarani, who infuse their unpredictable approaches to electro-techno and italo disco with ear-snagging synth-pop and driving analogue box jams respectively to create vibrant, impassioned dancefloor monsters.

The Mechanical Man is an alias from Nicola Altieri, who leans in on a classic Italo arpeggio to create a seductive club sound which builds on his recent Bosconi EXV EP, while Cixxx J switches from the mood of his own Bosconi appearance for a new alias Queen Of Coins and a pivot towards heads-down electro-techno-trance with a whiff of International Deejay Gigolos. Lapucci builds on the promise of his 2021 Bosconi 12” with a sentimental fusion track which lands somewhere between old school Italo house, the snappy pulse of EBM and crisp 00s-era electro house. Meanwhile modern day Italian techno legend Lucretio of The Analogue Cops makes his first appearance on Bosconi with the playful video game stylings of ‘Gradius’.

A great deal of space on Vol. III is given over to emergent talent, ranging from Miguel Herrnandez’s twitchy detroitian synth-pop braindance and Twovi’s vocoder-charged electro funk to DJ Rou’s jacking ghetto house flavour. Giammarco Orsini and Jacopo Latini appear as Data Memory Access and deliver an emotive, punchy strain of machine soul. Feel Fly rounds the compilation off in bombastic style with an epic, cinematic workout which draws on Moroder-inspired drama without losing the forthright peak-time focus which binds the whole collection together.


Even the artwork on Vol. III serves as an opportunity to celebrate Italian creativity, as pioneering crypto artist Niro Perrone builds on his accomplished work in the field of NFTs and a background in music production to respond intuitively to the vibrant, synthetic sound of the compilation. For all the futurism in the music though, there remains a strong sense of human feeling which has marked Bosconi out since the beginning. The label remains as inspired and inspiring as ever, celebrating the fertile crossover when people manipulate technology to express themselves in an honest, playful way. Independent of wider trends or fashions, Bosconi remains true to its own idiosyncratic passions, and so Bosconi Stallions Vol. III stands proud as a compilation like no other.

Compiled by Fabio Della Torre
Mastered by Niccolò Caldini at Tea Room Mastering

Artwork by Niro Perrone
Design by Chiara Sinatti

Worldwide Distribution Wordandsound

Published by Bosconi / Westbury Music Publishing
(P) & (C) Bosconi Records 2023

℗ & ©  Bosconi Records 2023

Cat. Number: BoscoLP05
Format: 2x12" Vinyl - Cover Art
Release Date: 27-10-2023
Genre: Electro - Breaks - Italo Disco - Ebm - Tech House - Techno


A1. The Mechanical Man – The Magic Number 5:32
A2. Minimono – Grit Wave 5:14
A3. Lucretio – Gradius 4:14
B1. Queen of Coins – Genesis (GDS Saves The Night) 5:43
B2. Miguel Herrnandez – Bad Renaissance 5:29
B3. Twovi – Galassia Cosmica 4:57
C1. Data Memory Access – Controller 6:14
C2. Passarani – Bungy Bungy Bungy 4:52
C3. Dj Rou – Milky Way 4:43
D1. Lapucci – One 1st 5:18
D2. Alexander Robotnick – it’s So Easy 5:00
D3. Feel Fly – Peach 5:36