Bosconi Gang Band is an electronic live hardware jam session improvisation project featuring an array of musicians from Bosconi records artist roster.

The setup normally consists of a central position with the mixer handled by the conductor Fabio Della Torre , surrounded by crescent-shaped workstations, inspired by an orchestral “mystic gulf”, which sees the mixer station as “director” and is in a dialogue with the artists during the jam.

All the material generated is the result of improvisation and recorded directly, in order to keep the “feeling” of the performance as unaltered as possible.

Each performance should produce a record pressed on vinyl which follows the order of the live execution which naturally develops in a crescendo of speed and intensity.

Bosconi Gang Band aims to be an itinerant live improvisational project open to all artists who have released on Bosconi Records that sets the goal of always being unpredictable and special, naturally affected by the individual artists who perform, always creating something unplanned new, and unexpected.

“A very exciting blueprint for the continued evolution of modern dance music!!”

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