Rounding up the finest of our rare breeds for a show-stopping steeplechase, Bosconi is proud to invite the world into our stables to demonstrate the sound we have been rearing for the past five years. Leaping from the stocks in a flurry of high-pedigree house and techno, our Stallions bring forth the values we hold dear in electronic music, from young foals such as Herva and Nicholas to seasoned steeds like A Guy Called Gerald and Nick Anthony Simoncino.

It is the beginning of a new ride, every stallion has its own peculiarities, its color and its preferences: the house sounds of Riccio and San Proper & The Clover deliver the power of Apacz (022), while those Bass of the Brothers in low (Alex Picone and Mass Prod) strengthen the security of the black Neged (023). The Raw sound of the I.F.M. duet (Marcello Napoletano and Robert Crash ) instigate the oddity of Teona (024) since the epic ride of Athena (025) made between the dub techno sounds of Ennio Colaci and the Detroit/Chicago atmospheres of The Oliverwho Factory and Nick Anthony Simoncino. Like every time you ride a new stallion, is an experience that shakes your legs but eventually restores trust and desire, feeling and loyalty in the race towards new musical interpretations. It is better to let the horse follow his own path, and pretend it’s yours. There is no secret more intimate than that between a rider and his horse. (Robert Smith Surtees)

℗ & ©  Bosconi records 2013

bosconi Stallions vol 1 a guy called gerald herva dukwa riccio marcello napoletano nightdrivers fabio della torre alex picone eduardo de la calle

Cat. Number: BoscoBOX001
Format: BOX 4x12" Vinyl + MIxed CD
Release Date: 18-09-2013
Genre: House - Techno - Disco


1. Herva – Stay (6’52”)
2. Rondenion – Sunrize (6’40”)
3. Riccio – Put The Man Out (6’39”)
4. San Proper & The Clover – Voices (6’59”)
5. A Guy Called Gerald – Thu The Diehold (7’27”)
6. Altered Natives – The Legend of Neglect (6’42”)
7. Brothers In Low – Testacorta (7’01”)
8. Eduardo De La Calle – Virata Rupa (6’00”)
9. Alex Picone – Dry Scream (6’22”)
10. Nightdrivers – Quanto Tempo Ci Rimane (Fabio’s Consolation Edit) (6’03”)
11. I.F.M. – Dirty Vibes (7’11”)
12. Life’s Track – Dark Clouds (5’48”)
13. The Oliverwho Factory – Mind Free (7’33”)
14. Nick Anthony Simoncino – Tramonto Techno (6’12”)
15. Nicholas – From Somewhere Else (6’43”)
16. Ennio Colaci – Hinterland (7’02”)